Greener Fuel Deliveries

green fuel deliveries

Here at Cooke Fuels, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to ensure we’re able to provide greener fuel deliveries to our customers all across the UK.

The fuel industry as a whole, has a greater responsibility than ever before, to not only minimise our own, but also help customers to minimise their environmental impact.

As an environmentally responsible industry leading organisation, we know it’s our duty to set the gold standard in sustainability. That’s why we implemented the following green policies into our delivery strategy.

If you are interested in learning more about our greener deliveries, please call 01282 775431 to talk to one of the team.

Carbon Offsetting

Every delivery we make has a carbon footprint and an impact on the environment. So, in order to neutralise the impact of these unavoidable emission releases, we purchase carbon credits. By purchasing carbon credits, we help to fund the work of environmental agencies who are working to reduce carbon emissions in other sectors.

So, for every molecule of CO2 we release while delivering your fuel, we pay for the same amount to be reduced elsewhere. In effect, this makes all of our deliveries carbon neutral.

Strategic Deliveries

Driving our tankers to customers premises to deliver fuel is a necessary part of our business. But over the years, we have worked hard to improve the efficiency of our delivery routes, putting processes and procedures in place to attempt to minimise the mileage we cover as a business.

There is a double benefit to this, in that we cover less miles each year which in turn helps to limit our contribution to our own carbon footprint, resulting in less carbon being released into the atmosphere. It also helps to improve the efficiency of our tankers, helping to cut down the time they take travelling between our fuel depots and customers premises.

Consider ordering in bulk or as a group buy with local businesses

Furthermore, where possible, we encourage our customers to order in bulk with other customers nearby in order to take advantage of bulk order savings by ordering as a group.

Not only does this help us to limit our time spent on the road travelling between our depot and customers premises which helps us to cut down on the number of carbon-emitting deliveries.

But it also ensures that our valued customers are offered an incentive to group buy fuel which offers huge savings for all of the buyers involved.

For those who are unable to group by for any reason, we also provide a free Fuel Management service to our customers, whereby we manage the ordering process and frequency to ensure your business is buying fuel in the most economical way.

Cooke Fuels is working towards a greener future, one delivery at a time

As a fuel distribution company, we understand our responsibility to try and cut down on the amount of time and the mileage our vehicles spend on the road.

For red diesel customers who are also attempting to limit their own carbon footprint, we offer an additional service with our Carbon Offsetting Red Diesel deliveries.

There is no additional admin required on your part for this initiative, as the cost of providing the carbon offsetting is conveniently built into the price of the diesel, making this a simple, hassle-free means of working towards a greener future.

This then helps to fund carbon reducing projects elsewhere in the world, with every molecule of carbon released by the combustion of the red diesel you use, neutralised by carbon reducing projects elsewhere in the world.

If you are interested in learning more about our greener deliveries, please call 01282 775431 to talk to one of the team.