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Cooke Fuels supply kerosene in quantities from 500 litres to 36,000+ litres to the whole of the UK. Our strong purchasing power gives us the ability to offer you low prices and excellent delivery options making us one of the most trusted kerosene suppliers in the UK. We also offer a flexible payment plan to give you easier ways to pay.

At Cooke Fuels, our focus has always been on a reliable delivery service with a dedicated personal touch. We want to ensure that ordering fuel from us is quick, simple and cheaper than anywhere else in the UK. You’ll receive your own account manager who will be on hand whenever you need to buy kerosene oil or should you have any questions.

Cooke Fuels can supply any amount of fuel to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our emergency kerosene deliveries are perfect for those moments when you need fuel urgently.

Call us now on 01282 775431 to order your kero in bulk or by the barrel, or find out more about our fuel products by speaking with our team today.

What is kerosene?

Kerosene is a combustible hydrocarbon oil which is used as a heating fuel in domestic and commercial premises. Kero has lots of uses and in some cases, kerosene can be used as a cleaning agent. The term ‘kerosene’ was trademarked by the North American Gas Light Company in 1854. This meant they were the only firm allowed to use the term commercially. But, it has subsequently been given a general trademark and can be used by anybody.

Call us now on 01282 775431 to buy kerosene oil or find out more about our products.

What is kerosene used for?

Kerosene is used across a wide range of applications including lighting, heating, cleaning and entertainment. In the UK, kerosene is primarily used to heat homes and commercial premises requiring low sulphur burning oil. Its clean-burn characteristics uphold a high heat production at cheaper prices. This makes it perfect for heating oil. As well as heating uses, kero also works well as a cleaning agent, for fire-breathing and even for controlling pesticides.

Facts about kerosene:

  • It is extensively known as heating oil and paraffin in the UK.
  • As well as being used to heat your home, kerosene oil is used to fuel jet-engine aeroplanes and as a cleaning agent or solvent.
  • To avoid being confused with similar fuels and oils, you will normally see kerosene fuel stored in a blue container.
  • Before the creation of electrical energy, kerosene was used in lamps as a source of fuel for light.

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Three reasons to choose Cooke Fuels as your kerosene supplier

Kerosene suppliers aren’t all the same and when you compare them with Cooke, you soon start to see why we’ve been around a long time! Here are 3 reasons to say yes to reliable kerosene deliveries from Cooke Fuels:

1) Whether you’re in need of paraffin locally in the North West or if you are in a remote area of the UK, Cooke Fuels can deliver larger (36,000 + litres) and smaller quantities (45 gallon barrels) of kero oil to you on a same day or a next day basis. To make it easier for you we can set up fuel management for your kerosene to ensure you never run out but, you can even buy kerosene online to make it super-easy!

2) We’ve been around over 100 years and our industry experience is second to none. With low kerosene prices available at the moment, added to our 24-hour emergency paraffin delivery service, there is no better time to buy your fuel oil from Cooke.

3) A dedicated account manager will ensure that you never run out of oil reducing the chances of having to go without heating at home or work. Call us today for prices and advice regarding our kero fuel.

Buy your kero now on 01282 775431