What Is Diesel?

Diesel, also known as white diesel, normal diesel, road diesel or DERV is a fuel used to power diesel engined cars, HGV and transport vehicles. It can be purchased from most forecourts in the UK, or in bulk from a supplier such as Cooke Fuels.diesel

Our minimum bulk diesel order is 1000 litres and we can deliver upwards of 36,000 litres.

Buying diesel has never been easier, you can contact our team of specialists on 01282 775 431 or complete our free online quote form.

Nationwide Diesel Suppliers

We specialise in nationwide deliveries of diesel throughout the UK and we can offer the most competitive derv prices around. With a large network of supply depots throughout the UK, we can deliver diesel the same day, next day or when YOU need it.

Find out more about our nationwide fuel supply here

We offer a 24/7 emergency diesel delivery service to all our clients if they need it. We have a number of oil tankers positioned at different locations across the UK ready to deliver your fuel in an emergency. This means we can offer the greatest delivery service for white diesel at the lowest prices.

Do you need large quantities of diesel?

Here at Cooke Fuels, we have a large fleet of tankers at our disposal so we can deliver the required amount of diesel quickly and efficiently, whether that’s 1000 litres or 36,000+ litres.

Why Choose Cooke Fuels?

As one of the UK’s oldest fuels and lubricants suppliers, our experience in the industry means we can offer you the highest quality fuels at the lowest possible prices.

By choosing our fuels and lubricants service, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • A simple payment plan to suit you
  • Vast savings on fuels
  • All fuels and lubricants supplied within 48 hours
  • A manageable quantity
  • Supplies of fuel to all areas
  • With more than 160 years’ experience, Cooke Fuels is a name you can trust
  • An allocated account executive devoted to offering the best service to you and your business!

Contact Cooke Fuels on 01282 775 431 to speak to one of our fuel experts.