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Cooke Fuels can supply red diesel fuel no matter where you are in the UK. Our fuel delivery means you’ll always receive your red diesel fuel whenever you need it. We can deliver emergency red diesel the very same day or next day! We offer long payment terms a reliable service together with competitive red diesel prices.

We can supply red diesel (also known as gas oil) to you in quantities ranging from as little as a 205-litre barrel to 500 – 36,000+ litres in bulk orders.

Please fill in the quote form or give us a call on 01282 775431 to speak with one of our account managers about your fuel requirements.

As one of the UK’s oldest red diesel suppliers, Cooke Fuels started life in the North of England over a hundred years ago. Our experience delivering fuel across the UK means that we’re the best option for nationwide deliveries of fuels and lubricants at unbeatable prices.

Whether we’re delivering oil locally or across the UK means our deliveries are consistently punctual and on time. Over 92% of our gas oil orders are delivered within 24 hours, keeping interruptions and idle times to a minimum on your site.

A ‘Mini’ History Of Red Diesel

Red diesel used to be supplied tax-free until the point when new EU legislation was needed. This is because it was considered less acceptable to obtain this fuel without it being taxed and, at the same time when road users were faced with rising fuel prices and higher taxation.

The red dye enabled inspectors to detect its usage within engines since it can only be used off-road, for example in agricultural vehicles or construction machinery. The introduction of red diesel was a move aimed to boost the fight against illegal fuel laundering.

Who can use red diesel?

Red diesel is extensively used to run off-road vehicles and equipment; tractors for farming, sit-on lawnmowers, horticulture machinery, forestry equipment and even backup generators. Using red diesel for any additional functions, as well as commercial vehicles is considered tax evasion and carries a fine. A fine will be enforced on anybody caught using red diesel in prohibited machinery or vehicles. The red colour that gives it its name is a marker dye, which can be traced by HMRC through dip testing your fuel tank.

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Why is red diesel red?

Red Diesel is dyed red so it can be distinguished from white diesel (regular road diesel). A concentrate is added to the white diesel, which then changes the colour to red. The red colour permits inspectors to check for red diesel rapidly and to prosecute the criminal using it immediately.

I need a red diesel supplier. Why should I choose Cooke Fuels?

  • Out-of-hours fuel delivery.
  • Free fuel managing service.
  • All of our quality oils are supplied on time.
  • Operating since 1845.
  • Specialists in providing oil to the Lancashire & Yorkshire regions and throughout the UK.
  • Oil delivery based on your requirements.
  • Leftover fuels can be removed and recycled.
  • Your own account manager from Cooke Fuels.

Looking for a greener alternative?

If you would like to help the environment tackle climate change, you’ll probably be aware that your emissions from the red diesel fuel you use aren’t helping. At Cooke, we aim to challenge climate change and one way that we’re doing so is offering a greener red diesel called CORD (Carbon Offset Red Diesel). Find out more about our Carbon Offset Red Diesel here!

Where can I buy red diesel?

If you are wondering where you can buy red diesel then look no further than Cooke! At Cooke Fuels, you can purchase red diesel over the phone in a matter of minutes. Our friendly staff are on hand 24/7 to take your call, so even if it is an emergency you can pick up the phone and order straight away.