Red Diesel

Looking for a red diesel supplier?

If you run a business that depends on red diesel, you need a supplier you can trust.

As one of the UK’s oldest red diesel suppliers, there’s no one more qualified to take care of your business’s gas oil needs.

Whether you’re in need of a 205-litre barrel or a 500 – 36,000+ litre bulk order, our flexible service will deliver the goods on a basis that suits you.

Why choose Cooke Fuels for red diesel?

  • We’re available to arrange deliveries 24/7, 365 days a year
  • As one of the UK’s longest established fuel distributors, you can be certain you’re buying the best red diesel at the most up to date, fair prices
  • Our delivery times are consistently superb; you can always expect supplies to be delivered within 48 hours, but 92% are completed within a day
  • Emergency same day / next day deliveries are always available
  • Our service is flexible – we’ll always endeavor to provide a fuel solution to suit your budget and schedule
  • A free fuel management service is available upon request for customers who don’t want the hassle of having to manage future fuel deliveries
  • You’ll be assigned your own dedicated account manager from Cooke Fuels to take care of your order

As you can see, there are so many reason to trust us with your red diesel needs.

To place an order, use the online quote generator to the right or speak directly to an adviser on 01282 925040.


A Brief Guide to Red Diesel

What is red diesel?

Red diesel is a dyed, low-tax fuel that is mainly used in the agricultural and construction industries. It can be used to power machinery such as furnaces and cranes, along with tractors and boats.

Red Diesel is dyed red so it can be distinguished from white diesel (regular road diesel). A concentrate is added to the white diesel, which then changes the colour to red. The red colour permits inspectors to check for red diesel and to prosecute the person using it immediately.

Who can use red diesel?

Red diesel is extensively used to run off-road vehicles and equipment; tractors for farming, sit-on lawnmowers, horticulture machinery, forestry equipment and even backup generators. Using red diesel for any additional functions, as well as commercial vehicles is considered tax evasion.

A fine will be enforced on anybody caught using red diesel in prohibited machinery or vehicles. The red colour that gives it its name is a marker dye, which can be traced by HMRC through dip testing your fuel tank.

Looking for a greener alternative?

At Cooke Fuels, we aim to tackle climate change by offering a greener red diesel called CORD (Carbon Offset Red Diesel). By carbon offsetting your fuel purchase, we will use the additional cost to purchase ‘credits’ which are then used in initiatives that aim to lower CO2 emissions around the world.