Environmental Fuel Services

fuel environmental services

Here at Cooke Fuels, we understand the environmental issues your fuel-dependent company may be facing. Taking care of the fuel you store and keeping it in optimal condition can be a complicated business.

Having been involved in the fuel and lubricants industry for over 170, we’ve built up an enviable reputation for supplying both high quality fuels and lubricants. However, once your delivery is on-site, the safe and efficient storage can be costly and demanding to manage.

Cooke Fuels Environmental division

For this reason, Cooke Fuels have our own Fuel Environmental Services division, who provide our customers with the help and support they need in order to ensure the safety and lifespan of your fuel storage systems, giving you total peace and mind.

Degraded fuels and lubricants can both harm your storage equipment, as well as your machinery and vehicles. Proving to be costly and inconvenient in the long term due to additional repairs and maintenance costs. So, by investing in and ensuring your fuel and lubricants stay in a safe and usable condition, often long after delivery, will help to reduce future repairs and maintenance costs.

If you’d like to learn more about our environmental fuel services and how we can help you. you can call our fuel experts today on 01282 775431 and one of the team will be able to talk you through the available options

Some of the Environmental services carried out for customers include

✔ On-site investigation laboratory to assess the quality of oil
✔ Transportable oil polishing apparatus capable of cleaning up to 400 litres a minute
✔ Washing particulate contamination down to 1 micron
✔ ATP examination to distinguish microbiological virus pollution
✔ Water removal down to 10 ppm
✔ Aligned element counter
✔ Biodiesel % examination to permit long term concern free storage
✔ Sampling apparatus to permit safe sample collection
✔ Tank cleaning with non-man entry
✔ Fuel blending to permit compliance to environmental legislation
✔ Oil transmissions on-site or multi-site transmissions
✔ Safe oil removal
✔ Redundant oil uplift and purchase

For a full and more complete list of information about the environmental services and offerings, visit our sister company Crown Oil Environmental to learn more about each of the environmental services on offer.

This video provides an overview of the services Crown Oil Environmental are able to provide to our customers.

No commitment site survey

Even if you’re not aware of any issues with your on-site fuel and lubricant storage, many of the issues found are often ‘hidden’ issues which cannot be seen without a proper inspection, or often noticed until the fuels, lubricants or storage equipment for example, start to show very visible issues which can often materialise into far more problematic issues if left untreated.

Much like taking your vehicles for a service to ensure the engines are kept in an optimal condition. The services provided by our environmental team can help to ensure your fuels, lubricants and storage tanks, etc are kept in an optimal condition too.

Whether your storage equipment is relatively new or has been in operation for a number of years. Carrying out an environmental assessment has can have wide reaching benefits for your business. For instance, preventing any unplanned downtime caused by any problems or issues with your equipment has the potential to be far more cost-effective than allowing issues to determine when maintenance is carried out.

Request a site survey today

To learn more and to get a far more in-depth explanation about our services and what environmental checks are carried out during one of our site surveys. The experts here at Cooke can talk you through what is involved and also answer many of your questions about this service.

Once you request a site survey, one of the highly trained members of the Environmental team will visit your premises to conduct a site investigation. This will permit us to discuss your exact requirements.

On this preliminary visit, we will perform a hazard assessment. This includes checking the condition of your storage tanks and taking a sample of the oil. The oil samples collected will be taken to our on-site laboratory and tested by our trained chemists and technicians.

If you have further questions about our environmental services, you can call 01282 775431 and one of the team will be able to talk you through the available options and discuss your own requirements.