Fuel Environmental Services

environmental services After operating within the fuel industry for nearly 170 years, we understand the environmental issues your fuel-dependent company may be facing.

That’s why the team at Cooke Fuels would like to present its new Fuel Environmental Services division.

Taking care of the fuel you store is complicated business. With this new department, we’re able to offer environmental fuel services which will ensure the safety and lifespan of your fuel storage system, giving you total peace and mind.

Take a look at the services listed below. It’s very likely you’re already in need of one of them:
  • On-site investigation laboratory to assess the quality of oil
  • Transportable oil polishing apparatus capable of cleaning up to 400 litres a minute
  • Washing particulate contamination down to 1 micron
  • ATP examination to distinguish microbiological virus pollution
  • Water removal down to 10 ppm
  • Aligned element counter
  • Biodiesel % examination to permit long term concern free storage
  • Sampling apparatus to permit safe sample collection
  • Tank cleaning with non-man entry
  • Fuel blending to permit compliance to environmental legislation
  • Oil transmissions on-site or multi-site transmissions
  • Safe oil removal
  • Redundant oil uplift and purchase

Please visit our sister company Crown Oil Environmental for complete information about each of the environmental services we offer. You can also view a videos here that describes our services in more detail.

No commitment site survey

Think you might be in need of environmental services but don’t know where to start? Just ask the experts.

At your request, a trained member of the Cooke Fuels team will visit your premises to conduct a site investigation. This will permit us to discuss your exact requirements.

On this preliminary visit, we will perform a hazard assessment. This includes checking the condition of your storage tanks and taking a sample of the oil.

The oil samples collected will be taken to our on-site laboratory and tested by our trained chemists and technicians.

Interested? Please call 01282 775431 or email mark@cooke.co.uk.

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