Carbon Offset Red Diesel


Carbon Offset Red Diesel from Cooke Fuels. We see how consuming gas oil can be actually harmful for the environment. That is why we need to act now to stop climate change. We are pleased to be able to offer you the chance to offset the environmental impact of gas oil usage. We are now a provider of the UK’s first carbon offset red diesel.


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We have teamed up with one of the UK’s premiere carbon offsetting providers to supply you with carbon offset red diesel. This is a new environmentally friendly diesel.

The government are aiming to decrease the UK’s carbon releases by 60% by 2050. We are all under extreme pressure to improve our carbon footprint.

Cooke Fuels can now help you in decreasing your carbon emissions by providing red diesel that is totally carbon offset, along with the delivery itself.

You can now use Cooke Fuels’ carbon offset red diesel to decrease your carbon footprint. Carbon offset red diesel can be used by anyone who uses gas oil.

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Red diesel that is carbon offset

Once you buy carbon offset red diesel from Cooke Fuels, you will decrease your impact on the environment. The additional cost incurred is used to purchase ‘credits’ which are invested into initiatives intended to reduce CO2 production worldwide. These consist of;

  • renewable energy
  • pollution control
  • planting new trees to absorb carbon
  • restoring wildlife territories
  • enhancing air and water quality

These schemes have been formed especially to decrease CO2 emissions.

You can even have your carbon offset red diesel delivered as emergency red diesel.

If you’re worried about the cost of red diesel, think about how much you could be fined by failing to lower your carbon emissions.

emergency red diesel

The advantages of offsetting your gas oil

  • decrease your carbon footprint
  • improve your green credentials
  • encouraging PR for your company
  • can bring about better relations with your customers,  local community, and target media
  • a better environment for the future generations
  • that great sensation that you’re doing your bit for the environment
  • the carbon offset projects have created some great results, including the introduction of solar stoves in Africa