CHP Biofuel Supplier

chp biofuel

CHP Biofuel is safe to handle, biodegradable and non-hazardous are just some of the benefits of CHP Biofuel. Petroleum-based diesel produces 87% more carbon dioxide than biofuel. Cooke Fuels use high-quality waste oil that is cleaned and reprocessed to create this biofuel.

Cooke Fuels biofuel meets the strict criteria of the EN14213. That is the European standard for heating oils. All of our CHP biofuel is tested before it leaves our premises to ensure it meets these principles.

If you have an Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) approved connection then you may be eligible for Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs). OFGEM have verified CHP biofuel that is suitable for ROCs. It has been created from maintainable and renewable sources.

To order CHP Biofuel, call Cooke Fuels now on 01282 775431

CHP Biofuel with ROC

Companies that produce environmentally friendly energy are awarded with ROCs from OFGEM to encourage them to carry on doing so.

To receive ROCs you will need to send a letter to OFGEM confirming the materials you are using in your energy production. Our CHP biofuel has been approved by OFGEM and has been used on other connections. Bio-ethanol is used to create our biofuel.

If you want to use CHP biofuel, it is a very easy process. You will need to contact OFGEM directly to ensure you are verified. They will conduct an audit of your site to see if it is suitable. To receive ROCs, you have to be verified by OFGEM first.

For additional information on CHP Biofuel and ROC suitability, please call Cooke Fuels on 01282 775431.

Please visit OFGEM’s website for additional information on CHP generation and the ROC oil incentive system.