tanksCooke Fuels offers a comprehensive range of storage tanks. Whether you’re a domestic, commercial or agrarian customer, we can supply you the perfect tank at a competitive price complete with expert technical care.

We offer storage tanks for lubricant, fuel, biodiesel, oils and AdBlue. Each type is available in a variety of sizes, forms and volumes to suit your needs, including bunded tanks, bunded oil dispensing units or movable bowsers.

Steel? Plastic? Made to measure? Whatever your oil and lubricant needs, we have the resources to get you what you’re looking for.

Every one of our tanks feature:

  • 10 year warranty as standard
  • Complete protection from UV rays
  • Corrosion prevention technology
  • Fully compliant with all safety and environmental standards
  • Easy to access connections
  • Low maintenance, long-lasting construction

Need something extra? No problem:

  • Lugs to allow cranes to lift it
  • Lockable lid
  • Ladder stays
  • Forklift entry points
  • Compatibility with latest electrical devices

Tank replacement service:

If you need a new tank but don’t know what to do with the old one, we can help.  Our full tank replacement service includes:

  • Safe removal of oil from the old container
  • Removal of the old tank
  • Connection and assembly of the new tank
  • Refill of new tank with stated product

We are likewise able to carry out site surveys, surplus oil removal, interceptor and gully washing, etc.

Whatever your fuel storage needs, all it takes is a quick inquiry.

Call us now on 01282 775431 to place an order or find out more.