Protect your Fuel from Theft as the Dark Nights Descend on Us

Red diesel is the essence of many businesses. Whether you’re a small family-run farm or an expansive livestock operation, a primary school or a university, you have to protect it from theft.

According to NFU Mutual, red diesel and heating oil are the third most common items that are stolen from farms, and further research revealed that fuel theft cost British farms an estimated £1.4m between January 2013 and December 2014.

Fuel theft

So how do you avoid it?

Fuel tanks are often visible from the road and out of sight from our homes, but this can pose a risk. Storing your fuel tank in a locked shed or in eye shot is the easiest way to reduce the risk of theft but we recognise it’s not always that simple. Let’s face it, nobody wants a large fuel container to make your garden look unsightly.

So to avoid being a victim, you must go an extra mile and ramp up security to protect your livelihood.

Stay alight

British Summer Time officially ends at 2am on Sunday 28 October which transpires an opportunity in itself. The long winter nights see more fuel theft because the extended cover of darkness presents more opportunity to go unnoticed.

Security lighting is a great way to put off thieves and also alert you if someone is in the area. Automatic motion lighting is a great way to side-step neighbours becoming niggled.

Keep it locked

If you can, keep your fuel tank locked and also keep it stored in a locked shed or garage. This will added an extra layer of security.Fuel theft

Whilst tank locks are common sense and will prevent fuel being drained off via the hatches, skilled thieves can find a way around them via pumping systems or drilling into the tank itself and extracting the fuel out that way.

So although locks are an imperative measure to take, they should not be the only means of protection you adopt.

Opt for a steel tank

Although it may be cheaper to choose a plastic tank, they are easier to steal, weaker so easier to drill into and can easily crack.

A steel container is heavier thus harder to steal, robust so difficult to penetrate and less prone to cracking. So whilst a steel container may initially be more expensive, it will help avoid having to fork out for replacement fuels if stolen.

Include false signage

Implementing signage is a cheap yet effective way to put off thieves.

“This tank is alarmed.”

You don’t actually have to install an alarm but something along these lines will reduce the probability of theft.

Implement tank alarms

Actually, tank alarms are a great installation to add as they will alert you when oil levels decrease suddenly.

Monitoring your fuel levels will ensure you’re on top of your usage as well. You can then plan ahead for when you need a top-up to avoid the risk of running dry.

Install CCTV systems

CCTV will hopefully put a thief off but if not successful, it provides valuable evidence for the police to find the culprit.

Let’s face it, a dependable system is likely much cheaper than the contents of your tank.

How Cooke Fuels can help

With over 170 years’ experience of delivering fuels and lubricants to customers across the UK, Cooke Fuels are one of the UK’s oldest and most well-known red diesel suppliers to businesses & homes all over the UK, so there’s no one more qualified to take care of your business’s fuel needs.

What’s more, we have a wide range of fuel tank storage solutions to help reduce the risk of theft and contamination this winter. Call us now on 01282 775431 to find out more.