Research Shows Good News for Heating Oil Users

heating oil pricesIf you’re the bill payer in one of the 4 million households relying on off the grid power sources, you need to take a look at latest figures available in the Sutherland Comparative Domestic Heating Costs Tables.

The Sutherland Tables are an organisation which collect and compare the prices of off the grid power sources to let you know which is currently the best value manner of heating your home.

So how does heating oil compare to other options?

Here are the statistics for heating a typical three-bedroom home:

  • Heating Oil (condensed) – £840 per annum
  • Traditional Gas – £967 per annum
  • Electricity – £1283 per annum
  • Wood pellets (renewable) – £1681 per annum
  • LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) – £1524 per annum
  • Air source heat pump radiators (renewable) – £1681 per annum

As you can see, Heating oil is easily the best value heating option, beating its closest competitor traditional gas by £127!

This is a continuation of a trend that has been prevalent since July 2014. As electricity and gas prices have been on the rise, heating oil is looking more and more like the most sensible option for any household too remote to gain access to the national grid.

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