Fuel Uplift Service

Fuel Uplift

Fuel Uplift Service

Are you storing fuel on your site that is never going to be used?

Cooke Fuels provide a fuel uplift service, where we can remove the fuel; clean your fuel tank and any residuals that may have built up inside the tank.

We are one of the only fuel and lubricants companies in the North of England to provide a fuel uplift service. Cooke Fuels has been running since 1845, during which time we have built up the knowledge to:

  • Find the best way to retrieve the fuel through a site survey in which we evaluate the practicality of completing the fuel uplift
  • Create a thorough plan, which takes into consideration any environmental issues and other risks
  • Remove fuel and the entire tank from your site, or if needs be we can degas your tank to make it as good as new


Fuel Uplift Service

We would need to visit the location to review the fuel storage, relevant location conditions and take a fuel sample for analysis and examination. If your fuel is not in a condition to be uplifted, we can dispose of the fuel for you.

All of our services are completed by addressing the environmental implications. We pay you for the fuel that we uplift.

Should you have a requirement, please contact Mark Andrews on 01282 775431 or e-mail mark@cooke.co.uk. Alternatively, please fill in the below form and we will call you back:

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