Fuel Uplift Service

Stuck with leftover fuel? We can help

Fuel Uplift Service

Are you storing fuel on your site that is never going to be used?

Fortunately for you, our fuel uplift specialists can take the fuel off your hands.

Not only that, if it’s in good enough condition, we’ll PAY you for it.

With our excellent service, your waste fuel problem can be turned into profit.

How does it work?

  • First of all, we’ll conduct a site survey to determine the most efficient way to remove the fuel. 
  • Then, we put together a detailed plan to remove the waste supply, taking into consideration any environmental issues that may arise. 
  • When everything is ready, we’ll remove the fuel and the entire tank from your site, or clean the tank back to perfection for re-use in the future.
We’ll pay you for the fuel we remove, turning your problem into profit.

Should you have a requirement, please contact us on 01282 925040  or e-mail mark@cooke.co.uk.

Alternatively, please fill in the below form and we will call you back:

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