Fuel Uplift Service

Need help removing fuel you no longer require

Fuel Uplift ServiceThere are many reasons for a business to require a fuel uplift service, to remove any fuel from storage tanks on-site. In any case, Cooke Fuels are able to help and assist with the removal.

Storing fuel on your site that is never going to be used can potentially cause the fuel to spoil and cause issues both for the fuel and the container if left for long periods of time.

Other reasons for requiring a fuel uplift, could also include a change in the fuel being used with equipment on-site, or relocating to a new business premises. No matter the reason, Cooke Fuels can assist you with the removal of any fuel.

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Cooke Fuels can help you turn costly storage costs into potential profits

Fuel that is sat unused in your tanks will need to be managed and maintained in order to prevent any environmental issues. This ultimately adds an unnecessary cost to your business in order to ensure safe storage.

Now rather than allow this fuel to cost your business money, it could be making you money as will PAY you, for any fuel we find to be in a good enough condition to polish and clean the fuel bring it into reusable enough condition.

Cooke Fuels have a rich history spanning over 170 years, of supplying fuels and lubricants. It’s due to this vast knowledge and experience, that we’ve built a reputation as one of the leading fuel companies within the UK.

If you’re looking for help and assistance with your old, unneeded fuel supplies, Cooke Fuels service is second to none, and we can even potentially help you turn your waste fuel problem into profit for your business.

How is the fuel removal / transfer carried out

We will conduct a site survey to determine the most efficient way to remove the fuel.
We then put together a detailed plan to remove the waste supply, taking into consideration any environmental issues that may arise.
When everything is ready, we’ll remove the fuel from your tanks

We can also help with your fuel storage tanks

After the safe removal of the fuel from your storage tanks, we can provide additional assistance with the safe removal of the entire tank from your site or clean the tank and ensure it’s ready to be for re-use in the future.

We’ll pay you for the fuel we remove, turning your problem into profit

Depending on the condition of the fuel, we will pay you for any fuel we remove that can be re-used in future. Below is a video showing a fuel uplift and some of the processes involved in transferring and removing fuel off-site.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us on 01282 775431 or e-mail mark@cooke.co.uk.

Alternatively, please fill in the form below and we will call you back:

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