The Benefits of using CHP Biofuel

CHP Biofuel Benefits

CHP fuel (Combined Heat and Power) is produced at Cooke Fuels by using high-quality waste oil which has been cleaned and reprocessed. It can provide a range of benefits for the environment as well as offering legislative, operational and financial benefits.

In terms of financial benefits, energy costs can be reduced with electricity costs stabilised over a fixed period. There are also some potential benefits from Renewable Heat Incentives and sufficient savings to fund energy efficient measures.

Producing energy is a huge source of pollution nowadays. CHP Biofuel can be used to help the environment and advance our climate change by reducing COemissions and other pollutants. There are also benefits for businesses such as increasing competitiveness and managing costs more effectively.

CHP fuel can also be a benefit with Part L compliance and reducing carbon footprint. By capturing heat normally wasted, CHP fuel can improve energy efficiency. Operationally, there is the increased security of supply being available and also a choice of multiple fuels.

These are some of the numerous benefits which are offered from CHP Biofuel usage. If you would like to find out more information, give our fuel specialists a call on 01282 775431.

As an established CHP fuel supplier, Cooke Fuels offer quick delivery, flexible credit terms and a range of different fuel services to meet your requirements.

CHP Biofuel Benefits