Greener Fuel Deliveries

green deliveries

We are pleased to declare that our fuel deliveries are “greener deliveries”. We counterbalance the transport miles of all our lorries!

When we supply fuel to your location, company or household we understand that unavoidably carbon emissions will be emitted. Therefore, we have taken the active decision to make all our deliveries “greener deliveries”. We counterbalance the transport mileage of all the tankers in our fleet.

We aim to distinguish ourselves from traditional oil distributors by offering “greener deliveries”. We want to decrease the influence on the environment by counterbalancing the carbon emissions associated with the supply of fuel to you. The carbon credits we purchase are used to decrease carbon dioxide emissions. This is done through schemes that stop the release of the CO2 into the air, or absorb it by planting trees.

Greener Fuel Deliveries

By selecting Cooke Fuels you will be driving down carbon and contributing to a greener future. Purchase in bulk or with a neighbour and you will save extra CO2 releases. This will be done by decreasing the amount of miles an oil lorry travels to supply its oil to you and your neighbours. Also, you make savings by buying fuel together.

Please note no additional costs will be incurred in the expense of the products bought from Cooke Fuels. The price of the carbon credits will be completely funded by Cooke Fuels.

To save fuel on delivery and decrease CO2 emissions, buy in bulk or with a neighbour, and the more you buy, the more money you save.

As a corporate responsible company, we are taking immediate action and encouraging others to act.