Kleenburn Kerosene

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Kleenburn Kerosene is a new, clean-burning heating oil from Cooke Fuels. We have spent several years developing Kleenburn Kerosene in order to provide a clean alternative to regular kerosene. It has been specially designed to progress your boiler efficiency and it can reduce your central heating costs.

Buying Kleenburn Kerosene will offer you these benefits:

  • Reduces the build up of carbon
  • No further kerosene odour – Kleenburn Kerosene is odour enhanced
  • Decreases the accumulation of sludge, giving you a cleaner heating system
  • Improved burner performance, leading to better fuel competence
  • Reduced risk of boiler failure
  • Emits a lower amount of CO2
  • Safe to use

How using Kleenburn Kerosene will lower your carbon footprint

  1. Kleenburn Kerosene is designed to evade common problems that happen in boiler systems. For example blocked filters, piping and dirty heat exchangers all play a part in inefficient systems.
  2. By escaping these problems you will lower your oil consumption
  3. A lower oil usage will mean a lower amount of CO2 released into the air
  4. Help make the environment cleaner

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How Kleenburn Kerosene works

  • The role of standard kerosene is to deliver heating through a boiler that upholds a steady room temperature controlled by a thermostat
  • Over time, numerous oxidant deposits build-up in the boiler making it more difficult for energy to go through and heat the water
  • In order to maintain the same room temperature, the boiler will burn more fuel when these deposits appear
  • Kleenburn Kerosene has numerous antioxidants added in production. These prevent those deposits from appearing and keeps your boiler clean and efficient

If you want to do your bit for the environment and save money on fuel costs, switch to Kleenburn Kerosene today!

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