Visual Guide to Heating Oil Security

Is your heating oil security up to scratch? If not, here’s a recent true cautionary tale for you.

Earlier this year, over 2000 litres of heating oil were stolen from an Aberdeenshire primary school*. This forced administrators to send students home early.

While the young pupils may have welcomed the early finish, for staff and parents this heating oil theft resulted in a costly, organisational nightmare.

It just goes to show how fundamental effective heating is to the smooth-running of any enterprise – whether that’s a family home of four, or a primary school of 400.

That’s why it’s essential to optimise your heating oil security

In most cases of heating oil theft, analysis of the circumstances quickly reveal a number of simple precautions the proprietor could have taken to prevent or minimise the possibility of it being targeted and stolen.

As heating oil experts, we thought it might be helpful to offer you our tips for keeping your heating oil secure in this simple visual guide.

heating oil security tips

Ready to secure your heating oil now?

Of course, this infographic represents a simplified overview of what you’ll need to do to optimise your fuel tank’s security. When implementing any of these measures, you need to consider the environmental and legislative implications of every one of your security choices along the way.

Fortunately, we’re here to help with any and all of your heating oil storage needs. And even better, once you’ve got it all in place, we can supply you with your heating oil supply too.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and we’ll help you out with all of your heating oil requirements.

*Read the full story about the primary school heating oil theft here.