Reducing your Carbon Footprint with AdBlue Fluid

Pig’s urine could save you money.

That may seem like an odd sentence, but it’s true. Welcome to AdBlue!

If your business uses large diesel engines or modern heavy goods above 7.5 tonnes, you must add AdBlue to your vehicle exhaust to help reduce CO2 emissions released by heavy vehicles used daily on our roads.

In the ever-changing world we live in, going green is no longer an option. It’s being instilled into us as humans to do our bit for global warming and climate change. As of October 2006, it was actually made the law to use the AdBlue fluid in your diesel exhausts. Originally derived from pig’s urine, AdBlue is now more commonly synthetic.

How does it work?

When AdBlue is used, water vapour, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are released through a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Harmful exhaust stream gases e.g. NO(nitrous oxides) are then converted into inert products leaving a clean exhaust stream. Breaking these down emits cleaner and safer levels into the environment.

Your diesel fuel will actually never come into contact with the solution because the urea solution is stored in its own designated tank with a sensor system and gauge. It is then sprayed into the exhaust stream soon after combustion to aid cleaner emissions. Large engines are now manufactured with SCR technology to help reduce carbon emissions.


How does it benefit me?

Significantly reduces the amount of mono-nitrogen oxide from engines
Helps your company gain further ‘green’ awards and accreditation
It’s completely non-flammable, safe to handle and easy to store
You’re complying with the law!

Cooke Fuels are an official supplier of the additive and offer AdBlue at significantly lower prices, in whatever quantity you require. We also have a wide range of tanks and pumps on offer to store it in your vehicle. Call 01282 775 431 to speak to one of our experts for further advice and information regarding the ecological and economic benefits and for how to get your hands on affordable AdBlue today.