Industrial Heating Oil Distributor

Industrial heating oil (IHO) is a relatively new fuel product designed for industrial heating systems. Its cleaner-burning characteristics and low price make it a better alternative to gas oil. IHO doesn’t attract any VAT so your saving could be massive. Call one of our team now on 01282 775431 and learn how much you could be saving!

Whether you need 500 litres or 100,000 litres of industrial heating oil here at Cooke, we can deliver whatever you need wherever you are located. We specialise in local deliveries in the north west but we also offer a nationwide delivery on some of our fuels including IHO.

Call our team today on 01282 775431 for more information about industrial heating oil.

industrial heating oil - UK IHO Supplier

Buying IHO From Cooke Fuels

Buying heating oil couldn’t be easier than with Cooke. As one of the leading IHO suppliers in the north, you can order industrial heating oil with us now and have it delivered same day. Get the best industrial heating oil prices along with the finest service when you buy your IHO from Cooke.

See our sister company’s industrial heating oil video below:

Industrial Heating Oil Prices

The cost of industrial heating oil is far lower than that of gas oil used for heating fuel. It not only saves you money when you swap gas oil for IHO but, you’ll also be happy to know that it’s much cleaner too! Our prices are extremely competitive so get an industrial heating oil quote now!

Fast IHO Deliveries from Cooke Fuels

With same day and next day industrial heating oil delivery options you can ensure that you’re always topped-up. With Cooke, there is no way you’ll ever run dry. With a quick call to our team, even if it’s 2:00 AM we can take your order and deliver your IHO.

Are you located in a hard to reach area?

That’s no trouble for us. We have a wide range of oil tankers varying in size which we can deliver your IHO in. This means difficult to reach premises are also covered in our deliveries whilst large sites looking for large orders of IHO can also me met with 1 or 2 very large fuel tankers.

Call our team today on 01282 775431 for fuel purchase and advice