Fuel Polishing & Fuel Cleaning

Fuel Polishing & Fuel Cleaning Services

Fuel polishing is a procedure used to eliminate bugs, water and bacteria that have gathered in the bottom of fuel polishing & fuel cleaningfuel tanks, which over time can have disruptive effects on your business. Here at Cooke Fuels, we can clean your fuel in a technical process identified as fuel polishing. Our team of fuel cleaning experts are ready to get your fuel back to a safe and efficient state.

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Fuel Polishing: The Process

There is a precise sequence of phases of which fuel polishing is carried out. It is very significant that these follow each other, consecutively. This is to ensure that the fuel has all pollutants, for example, sediment, mud, and water removed.

Our service is kind to the environment as well as being the top way to maintain your fuel quality. We likewise ensure that the microorganisms cannot return through neutralising any remaining micro-fine elements. To help us complete this work, Cooke Fuels have invested in a new advanced fuel cleaning equipment. This allows us to clean the fuel in a fast and effective manner without negotiating on the quality of the fuel.

Over time pollutants, for example, water, microorganisms, varnish, and mud can build up in your storage tank; this can harm the lifecycle of your fuel. The most cost-effective way to fight this is fuel polishing, to stop expensive replacement and equipment damage

Once on-site we use a particle counter to check the state of your fuel. This measures all the elements that have gathered within the tank; mud, bacteria and any other pollutants. This will give us an indication as to the state of the fuel in the tank. We use a traffic light scheme to showcase the results. A green light will specify that the fuel meets present specification; orange will mean the fuel is just short of meeting the standards and will need a polish, while a red light will mean that a complete fuel polishing procedure will need to occur.

How Fuel Polishing & Fuel Cleaning Works

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