Emergency Fuel Supply

Emergency Fuel Supplied

Emergency oil delivery

Even if you call us outside office hours, we can deliver to you. It doesn’t matter what time or day you need your fuel, our emergency oil delivery service makes fuel accessible to you within a few hours. We have oil tankers tactically placed at different sites throughout the UK, assuring you a really great service.

Our staff are always eager to help you and have no problem in arranging an overnight fuel delivery for you. If you need oil in an emergency, we can get to you within a few hours. We can supply all fuels in an emergency delivery including white and red diesel.

If you need fuel urgently, we can get fuel to you round the clock. The emergency fuel supply service is available all year round, every hour of the day. Emergency deliveries are also offered as part of our contract retention service. Just let us know where you want it delivered and we will get it there. Although this retention contract is provided it is understood that it is not constantly used.

What can be delivered in emergency supplies?

  • Red diesel
  • White diesel
  • DERV
  • All other oils

Please Note: Only customers operating in the manufacturing and commercial industries have access to the 24 hour delivery service. We promise an instant and active response to ensure your oil is supplied promptly. Our 24/7 emergency fuel supply service is for business customers only.

Do you supply emergency provisions daily?

At Cooke Fuels we pride ourselves in being capable to supply fuel to your site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With our network supply spanning through the UK, you can be assured to have your emergency supply within a small number of hours.

When you need an oil delivery in a hurry, Cooke Fuels can ensure a simple and hassle-free service. Call us on 01282 775431 if you need an emergency fuel delivery now.