Central Heating Oil Leaks: Warning for Cottage Owners

central heating oil leakYou could spend hundreds of pounds dealing with a central heating oil leak at your cottage.

Many people are planning to get away to their second home for the summer.

However, these homeowners need to be prepared that a central heating oil leak could have occurred over the winter period and left a nasty mess.

Oil may have been leaking for months and the owner of the cottage will be none the wiser, until they arrive at the property. This is because summer homes tend to be empty for several months and are at a much bigger risk than an everyday home that uses heating oil.

This is the advice of many home insurance companies. The majority of cottages are not connected to the national grid and are likely to use heating oil as a form of energy.

If a cottage suffers from a central heating oil leak, it can take a few months for the mess to be cleared up and for the home to be ready to live in again. This means that your summer holiday will have been ruined. Insurance companies have said up to £20,000 worth of damage can be caused by a central heating oil leak.

However, if are unfortunate enough to suffer from a heating oil leak, you need to remember to take care of the environment and your home when clearing it up. If there is a strong smell of fuel when you arrive at the cottage then that is a sign that oil is leaking.

Storage Tank Protection

Anyone that stays in a cottage should know where the valve for the heating oil tank is and know how to switch it off. It is probably best that you leave it switched off when the property is going to be uninhabited.

If you have a heating oil leak you should contact your insurance firm straightaway and see what their advice is. However, you should never try to sweep away the fuel; you should use mud or grit to absorb the oil.

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